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Nominations invited for 2013 medals and prizes

Last Updated on Friday, 14 June 2013 10:17
Published on Wednesday, 11 July 2012 14:30

The RAS Gold MedalNominations are now being invited for RAS medals and prizes to be awarded in 2013. The deadline for nominations is 31 July 2012 for most awards, with the exceptions of the Patrick Moore Medal which has a deadline of 28 September 2012 and the Winton Capital Awards which have a deadline of 19 October 2012.

Please submit nominations for the Awards and Medals which will be made in 2013, which are listed below. Anyone may submit a nomination for an award - it is not necessary to be a Fellow of the RAS. Some awards are made in both 'A' (astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology etc.) and 'G' (geophysics, solar-terrestrial physics, planetary science etc.) subject areas - those marked (A & G) have one award in each area.

Gold Medals (A & G) For outstanding personal research or leadership in astronomy and geophysics - often for a lifetime's work. Nominate (A)
Nominate (G)
Eddington Medal For theoretical physics. Nominate
Herschel Medal For observational astrophysics. Nominate
Chapman Medal For solar-terrestrial physics, (including geomagnetism and aeronomy). Nominate
Price Medal For investigations of outstanding merit in solid earth geophysics, oceanography or planetary sciences. Nominate
Jackson-Gwilt Medal For astronomical instrumentation or techniques;  achievement in observational astronomy; or research into the history of astronomy. Nominate
Fowler Awards (A & G) For noteworthy contributions to research made in the first decade or so following the start of PhD work. Nominate (A)
Nominate (G)
Winton Capital Awards (A & G) To recognise careers which have shown the most promising development within 5 years of completion of a PhD. Nominate (A)
Nominate (G)
RAS Awards for Service (A & G) To recognise individuals who have developed astronomy or geophysics in the life of the nation but who do not fall within the criteria of the Society's other awards.

Nominate (A)

Nominate (G)

Group Achievement Award (A & G) For achievement by large consortia. Nominate (A) Nominate (G)
Honorary Fellowships
(up to 3 A and 3 G)
The Society may honour any person, eminent in the field of astronomy or geophysics, by election as an Honorary Fellow of the Society. Nominate (A)
Nominate (G)


And the following Named Lectures:

George Darwin On a topic in astronomy or astrophysics. Nominate
Harold Jeffreys The Harold Jeffreys lecture is generally reserved for topics concerning the interior structure, formation and composition of the Earth and/or planets (e.g. seismology, tectonics, geodesy, geomagnetism, solar system dynamics, meteoritics). Nominate
James Dungey The Dungey lecture normally covers topics concerning the science of the Sun, solar environment, planetary environments or solar-terrestrial science. Nominate

Note there are two "G" lectures. The lecturers will be chosen in parallel each year.

Nominations should list the nominee's relevant achievements. The Awards Committees attach greater weight to more-detailed cases and factual content – for example, a full CV, a short list of key publications (preferably with bibliometric [citation] data), and, particularly, co-ordinated supporting statements from one or two colleagues, will each greatly strengthen a case. All nominations are made in strict confidence; nominees should not be apprised of submissions in order to avoid unnecessary disappointment.
Unsuccesful nominations from the last two awards cycles, usually, are automatically re-considered. Repeat (or duplicate) submissions carry equal weight. Special conditions apply for nominations of current members of the RAS Council (contact the Executive Secretary for details).