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RAS Library offers duplicate books to Fellows

The RAS Library has a small selection of duplicate copies of books. As the library has limited resources it is not able to keep more than one copy of the same book. The RAS is therefore offering these items to Fellows, free of charge.

duplicate books smallThe duplicate books shelf in the RAS Library. Click to enlarge.Fellows of the society are invited to browse these and take any items of interest. Titles range from popular science books and textbooks through to research monographs, as well as selected volumes of the Proceedings of the IAU. Hopefully Fellows will be able to offer these second copies a good home.

The duplicate books can be browsed in the Main Library, which is open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. For more details contact the Librarian.

At the time of writing, the following titles are available:

  • Civilized life in the universe: scientists on intelligent extraterrestrials, George Basalla, Oxford University Press 2006
  • Death by black hole: and other cosmic quandaries, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Norton c2007
  • Earthquakes and tsunamis in the past : a guide to techniques in historical seismology, Emanuela Guidoboni and J. E. Ebel, Cambridge University Press 2009
  • The emission-line universe: XVIII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics (2006), Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Jordi Cepa (ed), Cambridge University Press 2008
  • Extinction: how life on earth nearly ended 250 million years ago, Douglas H. Erwin, Princeton University Press c2006
  • Extreme ocean waves, E. N. Pelinovskiæi and Christian Kharif (eds.), Springer c2008
  • Flash! : the hunt for the biggest explosions in the universe, Govert Schilling, Cambridge University Press 2002
  • Foundations of high-energy astrophysics, Mario Vietri, University of Chicago Press 2008
  • The future of the Universe, A. J. Meadows, Springer 2007
  • Geons, black holes and quantum foam: a life in physics, John Archibald Wheeler and Kenneth William Ford, Norton c2008.
  • An introduction to nuclear astrophysics, Richard N. Boyd, University of Chicago Press 2008
  • Meteorite hunter: the search for Siberian meteorite craters, Roy A. Gallant, McGraw-Hill c2002
  • Models and methods of magnetotellurics, Mark Berdichevsky and V.I. Dmitriev, Springer 2008
  • RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the recurrent nova phenomenon : proceedings of a workshop held at Keele University, Keele, United Kingdom, 12-14 June 2007, Aneurin Evans, M F Bode, T J O'Brien and M J Darnley (eds.), Astronomical Society of the Pacific 2008
  • Proceedings of the IAU from the following symposia:
    • IAUS 235, Galaxy Evolution across the Hubble Time
    • IAUS 237, Triggered Star Formation in a Turbulent Interstellar Medium
    • IAUS 242, Astrophysical Masers & their Environments
    • IAUS 243, Star-Disk Interaction in Young Stars
    • IAUS 265, Chemical Abundances in the Universe: Connecting First Stars to Planets
    • IAUS 267, Co-evolution of Central Black Holes and Galaxies
    • IAUS 268, Light Elements in the Universe
  • The solar tachocline, David W. Hughes, Robert Rosner and N. O. Weiss (eds.), Cambridge University Press 2007
  • Three steps to the universe : from the sun to black holes to the mystery of dark matter, Richard and David Garfinkle, University of Chicago Press 2008
  • Volcanoes and the environment, Joan Martí and Gerald Ernst (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2005

Please check availability with the Librarian. More titles may become available, whilst existing titles are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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