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History of the RAS books - sale

The RAS was founded in 1820 as the Astronomical Society of London, and since then has had a long and varied involvement in the advancement of astronomy and geophysics.history books mediumHistory of the Royal Astronomical Society, volumes 1 and 2, in paperback and hardback. Click to enlarge.

As part of the centenary celebrations, the Society commissioned a book on the society's history from 1820-1920, which was published in 1923. This book outlined the foundation of the society, the granting of a Royal Charter, its search for a permanent home, and the role the RAS played in the major advances in astronomy over this time.

In 1987 a second volume was published presenting the history of the RAS during the period 1920-1980. Volume two details how the discovery of the expanding Universe was mirrored by the increasing scope of the Society’s activities, a shift to a more international outlook, and how this resulted in an active and largely professional organisation. Volume one was reprinted at the same time.

These books were produced in both hardback and paperback form; they will be of interest to many Fellows of the society and to historians of science.

The RAS still holds a significant number of copies of both volumes, and we plan to continue to stock them. However, to free up space in the Library annexe, we are offering a limited number of paperback copies at significantly discounted prices:

  • Volume 1 (1820-1920) in paperback is now £5 plus postage
  • Volume 2 (1920-1960) in paperback is now free, just pay postage

Both volumes are also available in hardback, and postage costs can be avoided if the books are collected from Burlington House. The offers are valid whilst stocks last.

For information or to place an order, see our merchandise page.

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