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RAS meetings

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 December 2013 20:49
Published on Wednesday, 25 January 2006 00:00
Should the RAS continue to hold its meetings on Fridays? Cast your vote!

The RAS supports meetings on a wide range of topics throughout the UK, but monthly "RAS Fridays" at Burlington House lie at the core of the programme:   two parallel Specialist Discussion meetings, followed by a broader A&G meeting.   Would fewer, longer meetings be better?   Should more meetings be outside London?   Is Friday the best day for this?   The RAS wants to know what YOU think!

There are three ways to contribute:

(i)  Log on to the RAS website, and an on-line poll becomes available on the home page;  vote for the day of the week that would suit you best.

(ii)   If you have time to make a more detailed input, then a very simple questionnaire is available [pdf_small MS Word (134.50 KB),  pdf (45.68 KB)], or you can email your views to the Secretary, Ian Howarth (idh <-at->

(iii) Join in the discussion held on the RAS Forum - which can be found by clicking here.