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American Mars pioneer Robert Zubrin to visit UK and give talks on the exploration of Mars

Last Updated on Friday, 16 April 2010 19:25
Published on Sunday, 27 February 2005 00:00


The American Mars pioneer, Robert Zubrin, an inspirational 'evangelist' for the exploration of Mars, will be visiting the UK in early October (see below) to give a series of talks on the hows and whys of Mars exploration.

Robert Zubrin is perhaps best known for his book The Case for Mars, in which he gives a detailed description of a cost-effective approach to Mars exploration. Simply put, his technique uses the atmosphere of Mars as the source of fuel for the return journey, which saves on the cost of shipping that fuel out in the first place. (How do you turn atmosphere into rocket fuel? Come to a talk and find out...)

Dr. Zubrin has extensive experience in the American space industry. He worked for Martin Marietta and then Lockheed Martin as an engineer, founded Pioneer Spaceplane to investigate new, low-cost and reusable access to space; and went on to form Pioneer Astronautics, a NASA sub-contractor. In the 1990's worked with David Baker of Martin Marietta to develop Mars Direct, the technique explored in The Case for Mars.

In 1998, he formed the international Mars Society, a non-profit organisation which evolved out of the growing interest in Mars exploration. This society has chapters in most countries, and is fast becoming the premier Mars exploration advocacy group in the world. It is the UK Chapter of the Mars Society which has arranged for Robert to speak at a number of venues across the United Kingdom.

Dr. Zubrin is a captivating speaker, and will bring the subject of Mars exploration alive. The dates and venues of his talks are:

Tuesday 5th October, 11:00am - Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey, Guildford.

Tuesday 5th October, 7:00pm - Institute of Mechanical Engineers, 1 Birdcage Walk, London.

Wednesday 6th October, 7:00pm - Leicester University.

Thursday 7th October 2:30pm - Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of St. Andrews.

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From the UK Mars Society, 21st September