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Geophysics Means Business: How UK research benefits industry, education and science

GeophysicsMeansBusiness.CoverSmallThis 16-page booklet gives examples of fundamental research in geophysics that are good for our society and prosperity.

Published in September 2017.

Available online.

Astronomy Means Business: How UK research benefits industry, education and science


This 20-page booklet gives an overview of developments in business, industry and society that have arisen from research in astronomy and astrophysics.

Published in March 2016.

Available online.

NAM author workshop

author workshopThe MNRAS authors' guide to good practice in writing research papers and getting them published.

Published in August 2015; updated June 2016.

Available online.

How to view an eclipse safely

eclipse booklet smallWhat is a solar eclipse, and how is it caused? What can members of the public expect to see, and how can they observe an eclipse safely? This booklet explains the answers to these questions and more.

Published in January 2015.

Available online.

Going Underground: Why Geophysics Matters

GoingUnderground.CoverSmallWhat is geophysics? What do geophysicists do? How does it help us in our everyday lives? And what part does the UK play in this inherently worldwide science?

Published in February 2014.

Available online.

Beyond The Stars: Why Astronomy Matters

beyondthestars smallThis booklet explores how astronomy impacts our society, and highlights some of the areas where UK talent is leading the field in pushing back the boundaries of our understanding of the universe.

Published in June 2013.

Available online.

A New View of the Universe: Big Science for the Big Society

Big_ScienceThis booklet outlines the contributions astronomy and space science make to wider society. The Society gratefully acknowledges the support of the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC: in the production of this publication.

Published in July 2010.

Available online.

Leaflets for schools

Cosmology coverThe RAS has produced a series of leaflets on astronomy and geophysics topics which you are free to download.



Cosmology: The Origin and Development of the Universe

Gravity (or download PDF)

The Moon (or download PDF)

Life in the Universe (or download PDF)

Infrared Astronomy (or download PDF)

Stonehenge (or download PDF)

Careers for Girls with a Vision: Astronomy & Geophysics (or download PDF)

Geoscientist, The Observatory: reduced subscriptions

Geoscientist and Observatory coversRAS members may subscribe to Geoscientist and The Observatory magazine at specially discounted rates.

Geoscientist is the magazine of The Geological Society.

The Observatory is an independent magazine, owned and managed by its editors. Published contributions usually take one of the following forms: summaries of meetings (including regular reports of RAS meetings); papers and short contributions; correspondence; and the most comprehensive set of book reviews in astronomy.