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Geophysics in the UK


A review of British geophysics and planetary science (available here as downloadable pdf files); the sister publication to Astronomy in the UK, which reviews astronomy and space science. Fellows may obtain printed copies from the Executive Secretary at Burlington House.

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(zipped and compressed; 4.4Mb)

Front Cover (p. 1, 233kb)
Foreword; Contents (pp. 2-3, 173kb)
Geophysics in the UK (overview; pp. 4-5, 333kb)
Big questions (Current challenges; pp. 6-7, 141kb)
Asteroids and comets (pp. 8-9, 271kb)
Gas giants (the giant planets; pp. 10-11, 123kb)
Earth's near neighbours (the terrestrial planets; pp. 12-13, 222kb)
The Magnetosphere (pp. 14-15, 181kb)
Earth's upper atmosphere (pp. 16-17, 113kb)
Air, ice and water (geophysical fluids; pp. 18-19, 165kb)
Under the ground (the Earth's surface and subsurface; pp. 20-21, 256kb)
The shifting surface (plate tectonics; pp. 22-23, 1.5Mb)
The deep Earth (Earth's inner structure; pp. 24-25, 124kb)
Earth's magnetic field (pp. 26-27, 69kb)
Living on a hazardous planet (natural hazards; pp. 28-29, 307kb)
Geophysics in Britain (its organization and practice; pp. 30-31, 110kb)
So you want to be a geophysicist? (careers in astronomy; pp. 32-33, 123kb)
Applying the science (commercial, industrial, and social applications; pp. 34-35, 166kb)
Into the unknown (the future of geophysics; pp. 36-37, 182kb)
Glossary (pp. 38-39, 156kb)
Back cover (p. 40, 166kb)