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Global Cooling

The Global Warming debate gets hotter. Former RAS President Professor Nigel Weiss has felt it necessary to issue a denial to counter the mis-representation of his research on solar activity as it affects the earth's climate.

He has faced allegations of minimising the effect of human activity on global warming. Professor Weiss has rejected this unequivocally.

“Although solar activity has an effect on the climate, these changes are small compared to those associated with global warming,” he said. “Any global cooling associated with a fall in solar activity would not significantly affect the global warming caused by greenhouse gases.”

Professor Weiss found himself caught up in American environmental politics when a Toronto newspaper quoted him as saying that ' The world is about to enter a cooling period'. The right wing press in the USA picked this up under headings like 'Another Global Warming Apostate Emerges' .

Professor Weiss will be talking about his research at the forthcoming RAS NAM in Preston.

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