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RAS200LogoIn 2020 the Royal Astronomical Society will be 200 years old.

To celebrate our bicentennial, the Society is establishing an Outreach and Engagement Fund of £1,000,000 to support astronomy and geophysics projects that create a real buzz about science – understanding, discussion and dialogue – in diverse sections of the community.

If you're involved with a local or national organisation that might be able to help, we'd like to hear from you, particularly if you can add to the RAS fund, so that we can make a greater and more lasting impact.


school geophysHere are some important dates for the 2nd Tranche:

 RAS 2nd Tranche Timetable

Announcement at RAS AGM  13th May 2016
London Stakeholder Meeting 13th July 2016
Town Hall Meetings September - December 2016
Outline Proposals Open 10th October 2016
Outline Proposals Close 9th December 2016
1st Grants Panel 8th February 2017
Deadline for Full Proposals 7th April 2017
2nd Grants Panel 19th April 2017


To find out how the previous successful applicants are getting on, read this year's AGM Report.


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