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Burlington House

Welcome to Burlington House
The Society’s apartments are situated in Burlington House, on Piccadilly in central London. Burlington House is approximately half-way between Green Park and Piccadilly Circus underground stations. Bus services 14, 19, 22 and 38 pass the entrance. Map from Also in the courtyard are the premises of: The... More
A Virtual Tour of the RAS Premises: The Entrance Hall
In the inner lobby is a ‘virtual reception’. Leading on from the inner lobby is the building’s grand entrance hall, with a splendid staircase and a lift, with glass panels revealing striking astronomical images. In addition to the offices of the Executive Secretary and... More
A Virtual Tour of the RAS Premises: Ground Floor
The Fellows Room The Fellows Room is a comfortable room where Fellows of the Society can work, relax or meet. There are comfortable seats, two desks, and a coffee machine. Wireless internet access is available, for Fellows to pursue Society related activities. A plasma screen over the fireplace can relay audio and video from... More
A Virtual Tour of the RAS Premises: The Display Cabinet
The Executive Secretary's room contains a display cabinet holding some of the more interesting items that the Society has acquired. The cabinet itself was made by Mr Luke Hughes, a well-known cabinet maker and designer in London. The shape is loosely based on the building of the old Radcliffe Observatory at Oxford.... More
A Virtual Tour of the RAS Premises: The Council Room
The Council Room, which can seat 25 people around the table, formerly housed the Society’s archives which are now in the basement. The room is fitted with a plasma screen at one end which can relay meetings from the Lecture Theatre downstairs. Also of interest: A brief history of the... More
A Virtual Tour of the RAS Premises: The Main Staircase
The staircase has been stripped of its 1960s blue and white paint and returned to its original black and highlighted with gold leaf to give a truly splendid effect. On the first floor landing is a newly commissioned window designed and produced by Sally Scott, in association with Nero... More
A Virtual Tour of the RAS Premises: The First Floor
The first floor landing leads to the Society’s Library, the Rare Books Room, the Librarian’s office and the Herschel Room, which houses the British Astronomical Association. Above the door to the Librarian’s office are portraits of the Reverend Lewis Evans, a great... More