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Lecturers of the Royal Astronomical Society



Year Lecturer Title
 2017  C. Heymans  Observing the Dark Side of our Universe
 2016  M. Kramer  Probing Einstein's Universe and its physics - the joy of being curious
 2015  K. Blundell  Rapid Evolution in Astronomy
 2014  J. Dunlop  The cosmic history of star formation
 2013  E. Tolstoy  Galactic Palaeontology
 2011  M.Turner  Connecting quarks to the cosmos ( tbc)
 2010  C. Frenk  The Small-Scale Structure of the Universe
 2009  N.Gehrels  SWIFT and its results
 2008  A.Watson  The Birth of Cosmic Ray Astronomy on the Argentine Pampas 
 2007  R.Genzel The Massive Black Hole and Nuclear Star Cluster of the Milky Way
 2006  M. Werner  
The Spitzer Space Telescope:   Probing the universe with  Infrared Eyes
 2005  J. Silk   The Dark Side of the Universe
2004 M. Edmunds The Elemental Universe
2003 A. Sargent The Formation of Planetary Systems
2002 R. Narayan Evidence for the Black Hole Event Horizon
2001 W. Freedman The Expansion Rate of the Universe
2000 K. Thorne Gravitational Waves: Opening a New Window onto the Universe.
1999 G. Marcy Extrasolar Planets
1998 M. Perryman A Stereoscopic View of the Galaxy
1997 S.D.M. White The Formation of Galaxies
1996 A.C. Fabian Broad Iron Lines from AGN: Test of Strong Gravity
1995 B. Paczynski Gravitational micro-lensing and the search for dark matter
1994 S. Tremaine Is the Solar System Stable?
1993 R. Giacconi Recent observations from the Hubble Space Telescope
1992 J.D.Barrow Unprincipled Cosmology
1991 S.M.Faber How galaxies (probably) formed
1990 A. Maeder Massive Stars in Galaxies
1989 R.D. Blandford Gravitational Lenses
1988 R.J. Tayler The Sun as a Star
1987 W.L.W. Sargent Observing the evolution of large scale structure in the Universe
1986 G. Neugebauer Infrared astronomy
1985 R. Wilson A perspective of ultraviolet astronomy
1984 I. Iben The life of an intermediate mass star - in isolation/in a close binary

 2017  T. Wright  Monitoring our dynamic planet using satellite geodesy
 2016  J. Collier  Making Britain: evidence for catastrophic flooding in the English Channel
 2015  T. Watts  Plate flexure and its implications for geological processes
 2012  B. Chaplin  
 2011  L.Fletcher  The Sun (tbc)
 2010  S. Miller  

 Do extrasolar planets go bang?

 2009  E.Bunce  Recent Observations of Saturn’s Magnetosphere Using Cassini
 2008  M.Grady  Astronomy by microscope
 2007  A. Hood  The Sun: A new dawn
 2006  A.Coustenis  Titan after the Cassini-Huygens Mission
 2005  P. Silver  Mantle Deformation, Continental Evolution and the Wilson Cycle: Paradoxes   and  Proposals
2004 J. Jackson The Support of Mountains and the Survival of Continental Cratons
2003 M.E. Bailey The Origin of Comets and the Oort Cloud
2002 F. R. Stephenson Historical Eclipses and the Earth's Rotation
2001 S. Solanki Solar Variations and climate change.
2000 R Grieve Impacts and Earth evolution
1999 T. Robinson Waves, Feedback and the Ionosphere: a fresh look at some unsolved problems of the Solar-Terrestrial environment
1998 P.G.Richards Earth's Inner Core – Discoveries and Conjectures
1997 M.H.Carr Martian Oceans,Valleys and Climate: New Insights from Mars Global Surveyor.
1996 P.Molnar Uplift of the Tibetan Plateau: From Mantle Dynamics to the Indian Monsoon
1995 J.C. Farman Ozone and Middle atmosphere
1994 A. Brahic Planetary Rings and Arcs
1993 P.J.S.Williams High Resolution Radar Studies at the Ionosphere
1992 D.J.Southwood The Oscillating Magnetosphere
1991 B.A.Bolt The precision of density estimation deep in the Earth
1990 D. Gubbins Inverse Problems in Astronomy and Geophysics
1989 K. Lambeck Sea-level Change: Past, Present and Future
1988 E. Shoemaker Solar System Roulette: the Frequency and Consequences of Large Body Impacts on the Earth
1987 C.T.Russell Comet Halley: its interaction with the solar wind and its effect on the Earth's magnetosphere
1986 A.M.Dziewonski Three-dimensional images of the Earth's interior
1985 M.Gadsden Noctilucent Clouds
1984 A.S.Laughton The changing shape of the ocean
1983 J.A.Jacobs Reversals of the Earth's magnetic field
1982 M.Nicolet Solar activity indices and special spectral irradiances in the ultra-violet
1981 R.Hide Rotating fluids in geophysics and planetary physics
1980 G.J.Wasserburg Galactic nuclear-synthesis and the early history of the Solar System
1979 C.Sagan The exploration of the outer solar system
1978 M.M.Woolfson Cosmogony Today
1977 J.W.King The influence of Solar phenomena on weather and climate

 2016  N. Turok  Universe
 2014  O. Lahav  
 2011  A.Vilenkin  The principle of mediocrity
 2009  G.Ellis  Evidence and theory, Fact and Fancy: the state of cosmology today
 2005  C. Frenk  Our Implausible Universe
2003  P. Davies The Arrow of Time
2001 J.D. Barrow Cosmology: A Matter of All and Nothing

ROGER TAYLER LECTURES (series complete)
2003 Professor J. Faulkner Standing on the shoulders of dwarfs!
2002 Dr R.F. Carswell Quasar absorbers and cosmology
2001 Professor M.J. Barlow Origin and Evolution of the light elements
2000 Professor D.I.Gough Rapidly Oscillating Ap Stars.
1999 Professor L. Mestel Towards the understanding of the Universe
 2009  R.Kennicutt  Hot Results on Cool Galaxies:The Hidden Universe Revealed
 2000  T.De.Zeeuw   
Giant Black Holes and Cosmic  Collisions
 1999  R.S.Ellis  
World without end: New Data on the Cosmic Expansion.
 1997  J.O.Nelson  
Giant Telescopes for the Millennium
 1996  S.White  
Cosmic Architecture: How the Universe was Built 
 1995  A Dressler  
Galaxy  Evolution :
a journey through space and time
 1994  A. Renzini  
Chronology of stars and galaxies.
 1993  V. Rubin  
Bright galaxies and dark matter.
 1992  J.Trumper  ROSAT: a new look at the X-ray sky.
 1990  R. Kirshner  
Exploding stars and the size of the Universe
 1988  R. Angel  
The Revolution in Making Giant Telescopes
 2005  N.Weiss  Our Magnetic Sun
 1999  F. Diego  Solar Eclipse
 1997  R.S. Ellis  Hubble Space Telescope and the birth of Galaxies
 1994  F. Graham Smith  The Insides and Outsides of Pulsars
2011  S.Kulkarni  tba
2010  P.Smith  The Mars 'Phoenix Mission'
2009  A.Ghez  Bringing our Galaxy's supermassive Black Hole and its environs  into focus with laser guide adaptive optics