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Created on Wednesday, 01 June 2005 17:56
The latest round of applications resulted in the following Fellows of the Society receiving awards (often on behalf of their students)
  • Paul Denton, Leicester – BGA School Seismology Workshop
  • Mike Cripps, Wymondham- visit to S Africa re ‘North and South in the Celestial Sphere’ project
  • Emma Bunce, Leicester – to support young scientists attend the ‘Magnetoshpere of the Outer Planets ‘ Conference
  • Len Culhane, UCL – to support organising ‘Isolated Neutron Stars :from the Surface to the Interior’ conference
  • Robert Fear, UCL- to attend the EGU General Assembly
  • Carlos Frenk, Durham- to support the exhibit ‘Cosmic Cookery: Growing Galaxies in a Computer’
  • Adrian Jenkins, Durham – undergraduate research bursary ‘ The Distribution of Lyman-x emitters in the Universe’
  • Dan Nettlefield, Leeds – to attend the ‘Mantle Dynamics’ workshop
  •  Raman Prinja,UCL – to support  an undergraduate research bursary for a 'FUSE Archival Study of Accretion-Disk Winds'
  • Peter Sarre, Nottingham – to attend an IAU Symposium on AstroChemistry and for a student bursary for a ‘Small Scale Structure of the Interstellar Medium’ project
  • Vivienne Wild, Cambridge – to attend ‘The Fabulous Destiny of Galaxies’ conference
  •  David Willis, RAL - to support a student bursary to conduct 'Scientific Investigations of Korean Auroral Observations'
  • Darren Wright, Leicester – to support of an undergraduate research bursary to investigate 'Joint ground-based and spacecraft observations of high-frequency magnetohydrodynamic waves generated by wave-particle interactions in the magnetosphere'
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