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From the Outer to the Inner Solar system: The Origin and Evolution of Comets
The Royal Astronomical Society
Burlington House
Start Time: 9 Feb 2018 - 10:30
End Time: 9 Feb 2018 - 15:30

A RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by *Alan Fitzsimons (QUB); Stephen Lowry (Kent);Colin Snodgrass (Open University)



There has been significant progress in the past 2-3 years in studies concerning the formation and evolution of comets. From the flood of new results from Rosetta, through new observations of outer solar system bodies and protoplanetary disks, to advanced dynamical and cosmochemical simulations, it is time to take stock. Is there an overall unified picture of the formation and evolution of Jupiter Family, Halley-type and Oort-Cloud comets? How do Main-Belt Comets fit into this picture? Can studies of exocomets provide insight to potential diversity in different comet populations? In this meeting we would like to identify unanswered questions, and the critical advances in observations and theory that are necessary to answer them.


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Morning session
Chair: Colin Snodgrass (Open University)

10:30 Alan Fitzsimmons (Queen's University of Belfast)

10:30-11:00 Jean-Baptiste Vincent (DLR-Berlin)
Evolution of cometary surfaces: from in situ observations to the origin of the Solar System

11:00-11:20 Rosita Kokotanekova (Open University)
Observational evidence for a possible surface evolution trend of Jupiter-family comets

11:20-11:40 Sebastian Marino (University of Cambridge)
Inward scattering of exocomets

11:40-12:00 Alan Fitzsimmons (Queen's University of Belfast)
The colours and spectrum of Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua

12:00-12:20 Dimitri Veras (University of Warwick)
Extrasolar and interstellar comets

12:20-12:40 Michele Bannister (Queen's University of Belfast)
Newly found extreme TNOs link to the inner Oort cloud

12:40-13:40 Lunch

Afternoon session
Chair: Stephen Lowry (University of Kent)

13:40-14:10 Aurélie Guilbert-Lepoutre (CNRS, Institut UTINAM)
Thermal evolution of comet nuclei

14:10-14:30 Axel Hagermann (Open University)
Comet simulations in the lab

14:30-14:50 Colin Snodgrass (Open University)
Ice in the asteroids: The Main Belt Comets

14:50-15:10 Oliver Price (Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL)
Striae formation and evolution at C/2006 P1 McNaught through temporal mapping

15:10-15:30 Alan Fitzsimmons (Queen's University of Belfast)
General Discussion

Geraint Jones (Mullard Space Science Laboratory/UCL)
The breakdown of the inverse square Law for Solar radiation near the Sun: Implications for comets

Meabh Hyland (Queen's University of Belfast)
Near-UV and optical spectroscopy of comets