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2010 Schools Competition

radio_telescope_1Imagine... if this year, after thousands of years of wondering and fifty years of searching, the first message from intelligent life outside our Solar System was received. Could you create the words and pictures in that first message from an extra-terrestrial civilisation, showing what their world is like?

The Newspaper Competition is open to groups of students in two age ranges: 7–11 and 11–14 years. Entrants in this section should publish a small newspaper which describes the contents of the first message from an extra-terrestrial civilisation. The message may be from a civilisation similar to our own or perhaps much more advanced. The message may describe the beings who sent it and their world. The message may be friendly, hostile or asking for help – it’s up to you!

The Feature Article Competition is open to individual students in two age ranges: 14–16 and 16–19 years. Entrants in this section are asked to produce an article suitable for a scientific magazine which reviews the content of the first message received from an extra-terrestrial civilisation. It should explain to its readers what we can learn about the beings who sent it, their world and their technology.

For more details download this pdf.