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Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway
Dept: Earth Sciences
Head of Department: Dr David Waltham
Courses offered: Diploma (9 months), MSc Petroleum Geoscience (one year)
Studentships available: NERC (MSc and PhD),College studentships, Royal Holloway Scholarships, industry funding.
Average intake: 30 (MSc), 12-15 (PhD or MSc by Research)
Entry requirements:

General Information
The Earth Sciences Department at Royal Holloway, University of London was awarded a Grade 5 by the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. Our teaching is rated "Excellent".
The MSc Petroleum Geoscience has two options 'Basin Evolution' and "Tectonics'  The MSc programme lasts twelve-months full-time (but can also be taken part-time), and includes a 4-month project commonly sponsored by industry. Geophysical aspects of the courses include the analysis and interpretation of seismic reflection, seismicity, borehole, gravity, and magnetics data. Students gain employment in the petroleum or mineral exploration sector, or go on to research degrees.
Geophysical research within the department falls into four main categories:
  • Earthquake Seismology: Studies of the Earth's crust and upper mantle using earthquake and explosion seismology. We participate in collaborative international projects such as EAGLE (Ethiopian-Afar Geophysical Lithosphere Experiment) and are involved in the BGS Schools Seismology Project.
  • Marine Geophysics:  Seismic anisotropy, detection of gas hydrates, multi-component controlled source seismic methods.
  • Gravity and Magnetics: A variety of methods are used to probe the crust and upper mantle structure, and to examine the mechanical properties of continental and oceanic lithosphere worldwide. Current projects involve studies of the flexural rigidity of African lithosphere and the along-axis segmentation of active (e.g., East African rift system) and ancient (e.g., Australian Bight passive margin) continental rift zones.
  • Numerical modelling of tectonic, geodynamic and sedimentary processes: The aims of this group are to develop and refine models for the development and modification of sedimentary basins, faulting processes, and fluid flow in basins.

3-D Visualisation Facility, computer labs (linux/pc/mac hardware) running industry-standard software, earthquake seismometer, geophysical equipment pool (12 channel seismic, gravity, magnetometer, resisitivity).

Contact Details
Johanna LindholmPostgraduate Coordinator
Department of Earth Sciences
Royal Holloway University of London
TW20 0EX
Tel:01784-443581Fax:01784-471780e-Mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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