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OUR BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSE: Stars making stars

Published on Wednesday, 01 April 2015 09:34

 obu-ngc6193-eso1510aStar-forming regions. (ESO)

Open star cluster NGC6193 lies at the heart of this image within the southern constellation Ara (The Altar). Two hot giant stars amid the 30 bright young stars in the cluster illuminate the Rim Nebula (NGC6188), to the right, which appears to be forming pillars like those in well-known star-forming regions. Ultraviolet radiation and intense stellar winds from the hot young stars of the cluster are driving star formation in the surrounding H [II] regions of the molecular cloud. The image was created from more than 500 images from the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telecopes Survey Telescope.

This image is published in the April 2015 issue of Astronomy & Geophysics.


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