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Published on Friday, 01 December 2017 00:00

OBU-JunoCamJupiter by JunoCam. (NASA/SwRI/MSSS/G Eichstädt/S Doran)


A spectacular view of Jupiter’s southern hemisphere clouds from the camera on NASA’s Juno spacecraft – with a bit of help from the public. JunoCam is primarily an education and outreach instrument; citizen scientists process raw images from JunoCam with results such as this, by Gerald Eichstädt and Seán Doran. The image shows three of the oval white storms called the “string of pearls”, and bands of darker and lighter cloud indicate where atmospheric gas is falling and rising, respectively. Juno follows a polar orbit that approaches 5000 km above the cloud-tops at perijove, giving horizontal resolution of 3 km per pixel.


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