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RAS Mailing List

Every month during the RAS meetings season (October-May), and intermittently at other times, a short e-bulletin is issued giving details of upcoming meetings, information on grant or awards availabilities, Council vacancies, etc. These bulletins are brief (typically providing pointers to fuller details on the RAS Web Site), and are not normally issued more frequently than monthly.

The distribution and list management is conducted under the aegis of the JISCmail service of the Joint Information Systems Committee. Use of e-mail account details is never knowingly allowed for any purpose other than distribution of the RAS mailings (and JISC's internal statistical accounting).

Anyone (whether RAS Fellows or not) can subscribe to these e-bulletins by completing the simple form below. To confirm your identity, and to prevent third parties from subscribing you to the list against your will, an e-mail message with a confirmation code will be sent to the address you specify in the form. Simply wait for this message to arrive (it doesn't normally take more than a minute or two), then follow the instructions to confirm the subscription.

You can unsubscribe at any time, using this form:


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Submitting this form will take you to a JISCmail information page - use the 'return' button on your browser to get back to the RAS Web site. THERE IS NO NEED TO TAKE ANY ACTION ON THE JISCmail PAGE (the JISCmail page appears to invite you to resubmit the form; do not succumb to this temptation!)