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Previous External Meetings


This page lists a selection of UK meetings, including those held in the Burlington House premises of the RAS, that are sponsored or otherwise supported by the RAS but are not otherwise listed on the RAS meetings and Public Lectures pages. An extensive listing of international meetings is maintained by the CFHT librarian.


2016 June 27-July 1  RAS/NAM Nottingham
National Astronomy Meeting 2016


2015 July 5-9  RAS/NAM Llandudno
National Astronomy Meeting 2015


2014 June 23-26  RAS/NAM Portsmouth
National Astronomy Meeting 2014


2013 July 1-5  RAS/NAM St Andrews

National Astronomy Meeting 2013


2012 May 15  (London, Burlington House Societies)
The Thames Tideway Tunnel - Malcom Orford (Thames Water)


2012 March 27-30  RAS/NAM Manchester
RAS National Astronomy Meeting 2012


2012 March 8 (Cambridge) & 9 ( RAS)

Eddington Lecture by Professor Julianne Dalcanton, University of Washington


2012 January 20 (The Open University, Milton Keynes)

Early Career Scientists' Meeting. For more information please visit:


2011 September 20 London Burlington House Learned Societies

'The Thames through time' by Professor Danielle Schreve, Royal Holloway, University of London


2011 July 26-28  Oxford

'From Atoms to Stars: the impact of spectroscopy on Astrophysics': a conference to  celebrate the career of  Professor Dame Carole Jordan


2011 July 4-5  Warwick

UK Space Conference 2011


2011 June  24  RAS/LJMU

Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters


2011 May 18 Durham

Grubb Parsons Lecture 'Are we alone' Professor Jill Tarter- Grubb-Parsons.pdf


2011 April 17-21 RAS/NAM Llandudno

RAS National Astronomy Meeting 2011


2011 March 10 Institute of Astronomy Cambridge

Eddington Lecture - Professor Shrinivas Kulkarni, Caltech


2010 November 3-4 RAS



2010 October 1-10 RAS/Burlington House Learned Societies

'Story of London'


2010 September 23-24 RAS/RIA/ASGI Dublin
'The Astrophysics of Transient Phenomena - from Exoplanets to Hypernovae'


2012 March 27-30  RAS/NAM Manchester
RAS National Astronomy Meeting 2012