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Journal subscription prices

The current prices for Fellows to subscribe to the Society's journals (for personal use only) are given below. Non-fellows and institutions should contact the publishers for subscription prices. The prices given here are for 2016.


Free access

Astronomy & Geophysics is provided free of charge to all Fellows, both in print and online.

Online access to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (main journal and Letters), Geophysical Journal International and Astronomy & Geophysics is also free to all Fellows.


Printed subscriptions

Printed editions of the Society's research journals, The Observatory and the Journal for the History of Astronomy are available at the following discounted rates:




Observatory UK Resident

Observatory Non UK Resident

Journal for the History of Astronomy

Fellows on Rate 1






Fellows on Rate 2






Fellows on Rate 3






Rate 1 applies to Fellows who are registered students

Rate 2 applies to Fellows who completed full time education LESS than 5 years ago.

Rate 3 applies to Fellows who completed full time education MORE than 5 years ago.


Other Journals

Fellows of the RAS may also subscribe to several journals from other publishers at discounted rates. See the discounts page in the members-only section of the website (login required).