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Membership fees

Methods of payment

The membership fees listed below assume that payment will made by credit or debit card via the online payment system, or by Direct Debit from a UK bank account. Payment can also be accepted by cheque, please make them payable to 'Royal Astronomical Society'.


Current membership fees

Fellows pay reduced rates during their first year of membership and in addition there are a range of concessions. These are the membership fees for the 2018 calendar year:


Rate 1: £30
  • Fellows who, on 1st January 2018, or at the time of their election in 2018, are an undergraduate or postgraduate student studying astronomy, geophysics or a related subject, at a rate equivalent to at least 25% of full time study. Fellows may only apply for this rate for up to 9 years.


Rate 2: £75
  • Fellows who ceased to be eligible for rate 1 having completed their full time education after 1st January 2013 and are in the early stages of a career in astronomy, geophysics or a related subject.


Rate 3: £115
  • Fellows who completed full time education before 1st January 2013.


Reduced Rates for first year of membership:
  • Rate 1: £1 (if an eligible student at the date of election)
  • Rate 2: £50 (also applicable, for the first year, for Fellows transferring from rate 1)
  • Rate 3: £75
  • Subscriptions for Fellows paying rates 2 & 3 who are elected after June 30 will be reduced by 50% for the first year.
  • Students whose nominations are received after October 1 will be given free membership for the remainder of that year.
  • Fellows over the age of 65 and who are also of 15 years standing may request to pay a concessionary rate of £30. Please contact the Treasurer to apply for this reduced rate.
  • Non-student Fellows of the RAS who are also members of the Institute of Physics (IOP), and / or the Geological Society of London (GSL) are eligible for 25% discounted membership of the RAS. To take advantage of this discount please contact the Membership Officer via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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