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RAS Merchandise


The following items of merchandise can be purchased from the RAS. Items can be sent by post or collected in person at Burlington House. Postage prices quoted below are for second class postage in the UK only - we can send to other locations but may have to charge for the extra postage costs incurred. Some items have discounted prices for Fellows of the RAS. Please contact the Office Manager to place an order or for further information.


Lagoon nebula Rho Oph image Sgr nebulosity Vela SNR image Eta Carina nebulosity
Lagoon Nebula

Antares and

Rho Ophiuchi



Vela supernova


Eta Carinae

A set of five full-colour posters (each approx. 75x55cm), featuring various nebulae.
Price £12.50 (including postage), for non-members. Price for Fellows £10.00 at Burlington House, or £11.00 by post.




A drinks mug featuring the RAS roundel. Available in navy blue or maroon.

Price £5.00 at Burlington House.

Blue mug with RAS roundelClick to enlarge
RAS diary

Branded bound pocket diary containing useful astronomical data and information. Covers fifteen months to include both the academic and calendar years. New edition each year.

Free for Fellows and Friends. Non-members price £5.00.

2016diary smallClick to enlarge
RAS pen

Three function pen combining a ballpoint, LED light and a capacitive stylus for touch screen devices. Durable brass construction, engraved with the name of the society. Includes three replaceable button cell batteries.

Price £3.50 at Burlington House.

Diary & pen set

The diary and pen can be purchased as a set.

Price £7.50 at Burlington House.

RAS Wall Plaque

The plaque comprises a wooden shield, approximately 15x18cm, with a raised circular centrepiece on which the Society's emblem of the Herschel telescope is hand-painted in gold on a dark blue background; the Society's name and motto are painted as a surround.

Price £26.50 (including postage) to non-members; for Fellows £20.00 at Burlington House, £22.50 by post.

[RAS Wall Plaques]
History of the Royal Astronomical Society books

The Society's history is published in 2 volumes, in hardback and in paperback. Volume I covers 1820–1920, and volume II 1920–1980.

  • Volume I - hardback no longer available, paperback very limited copies. Contact us to enquire about availability and prices.
  • Volume II - hardback £2.50, paperback FREE.

Postage for each book is £2.50 within the UK.

history books smallClick to enlarge
The Herschel Archive

The papers of Caroline, William and John Herschel - the Herschel Archive - are available as a 3-DVD set priced at £100.00 or as a 17-CD set priced at £125.00, including postage and packing. Sets are made to order and delivery will take 4–8 weeks from receipt of an order form.

Cover of the Herschel archive CD
Herschel Organ Music CD

Eleven pieces of organ music written by William Herschel. Recorded on the organ of the church of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption in Meudon, Paris, and performed by Dominique Proust.

Price £16.00 (including postage) to non-members; for Fellows £13.25 at Burlington House, £14.25 by post.

Herschel organ music coverClick to enlarge



The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • Sterling cheque
  • Giro transfer (the RAS account number is 538 0103)
  • Sterling bank draft