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RAS Election Results 2007

Last Updated on Friday, 30 April 2010 13:31
Published on Monday, 14 May 2007 00:00
Using electronic and postal votes, the membership elected a new Council at the AGM on 11 May 2007.
The new Council will consist of :

Professor M. Rowan-Robinson (President)

Professor M E Bailey (Vice-President G)
Professor R.L. Davies (Vice-President A)

Professor R.A.Harrison (Vice-President G)
Professor I.D. Howarth (Vice-President A)
Professor P Murdin (Treasurer)
Dr M.A. Hapgood ( Senior Secretary)
Dr H.J. Walker (Secretary)
Dr. I.A.Crawford ( Secretary)

Dr A.J. Ball (Councillor)
Professor M.A. Barstow (Councillor)
Professor A.M. Cruise (Councillor)
Professor M.G.Edmunds (Councillor)

Dr L. Fletcher (Councillor)
Professor B. Gibson (Councillor)
Dr. J.S.Greaves (Councillor)

Professor J.H. Hough (Councillor )
Dr J. Mitton (Councillor)

Dr. V.M.Nakariakov Councillor)
Professor E.I. Robson (Councillor)
Dr.J.A.Wild (Councillor)