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Dr Helen Mason named as one of the UK's outstanding women

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 March 2010 21:41
Published on Tuesday, 23 March 2010 12:45



RAS Fellow Dr Helen Mason has been named as one of the Women of Outstanding Achievement of 2010 in recognition of her inspirational work in communication within Science, Engineering and Technology (SET). 

The Women of Outstanding Achievement exhibition, led by the UK Resource Centre for Women in SET, showcases some of the UK's most inspiring women, focusing on those who achieve outstanding results within their chosen fields.

As a solar physicist and Senior Tutor at St Edmunds College, Cambridge, Helen Mason has led and contributed towards many successful science communication groups, participated in many outreach projects and given science presentations to audiences at summer music festivals including Glastonbury. She is internationally recognised as a researcher in atomic astrophysics and currently leads the Sun | Trek project which investigates the Sun and its effects on the Earth.

Helen is delighted by her award: "I feel proud that my academic and pastoral work has been acknowledged. One of the best things about working in SET is the great teams and the sense of achievement it brings. Science is a communal field and you have to be a good team player. I have been fortunate to have had many mentors, both male and female, who have supported me, as well as the encouragement of my family, throughout my career."