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RCUK revises statement on access to research outputs

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 December 2013 20:49
Published on Wednesday, 12 July 2006 00:00
JournalsFollowing representations from learned societies, including the RAS,RCUK has revised its draft position statement.
In June 2005 RCUK published a draft position statement on access to research outputs which attracted a large number of comments including one from the the Society

RAS_response_to_RCUK.pdf (41.92 KB 01.09.2005 00:00) 

 In the light of these, RCUK has released an updated position paper 

pdf_small position statement .pdf (75.70 KB 12.07.2006 14:34)

The key principles are:
• Ideas and knowledge derived from publicly-funded research must be made available and accessible for public use, interrogation and scrutiny, as widely, rapidly and effectively as practicable.
• Published research outputs must be subject to rigorous quality assurance, through effective peer review mechanisms.
• The models and mechanisms for publication and access to research results must be both efficient and cost-effective in the use of public funds.
• The outputs from current and future research must be preserved and remain accessible for future generations.

Research councils agree that their funded researchers should, where required to do so, deposit the outputs from research councils funded research in an acceptable repository. However 'individual disciplines will need to respond to the issues in this position paper in ways best aligned to their needs'. Consequently, individual research councils will  provide specific guidance to their respective research communities. 

The RCUK will:
• Organise a workshop jointly with interested learned societies to discuss the implications for them of self-archiving.
• Consult with the publishing community regarding copyright and licensing issues through existing forums. There is no intention that individual researchers will be expected to break publishers’ copyright or licensing agreements or to negotiate with publishers.
• Undertake a research project to investigate the impact of author-pays publication and self-archiving on research publishing. This will involve 3 publishers including Blackwell, the publisher of the RAS' journals.The project will start late in 2006 and report in late 2008.

However RCUK has stressed that authors must be allowed to choose where to place their research for publication. It is for authors’ institutions to decide whether they are prepared to use funds for any page charges or other publishing fees.