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Europe’s Growing Space Tourism Industry

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 December 2013 20:49
Published on Monday, 27 November 2006 00:00
Space tourism is a fast-developing business and the British Interplanetary Society is once again offering professionals and members the opportunity to debate and discuss the latest developments in a one day conference to be held in London at the end of November.

‘European developments in space tourism’ follows on from last year’s hugely successful space tourism symposium (Spaceflight magazine, June 2006, p212).

This year – with the support of the British National Space Centre (BNSC) – the event has been moved to the offices of the Department of Trade and Industry Conference Centre at 1 Victoria Street, London, to allow a greater number of participants.

Coordinator David Ashford said that space tourism is increasingly regarded as having the potential to transform the future of space flight. 

"This is a particularly exciting time in the development of a new industry which could ultimately provide the large new market needed to bring about a ‘spaceplane age’ with far safer and less expensive access to orbit."

Mr Ashford said that although much of the pioneering work has to date been carried out in the United States, there is now a rapidly growing expertise in the UK and Europe.

"As well as addressing the international scene, the main aim of this symposium is to explore future European developments in space tourism – what is happening now and the likely developments of the near future," he said.

Among the papers confirmed so far are ‘The economic benefits of space tourism to Europe’ (Prof P. Collins, Azabu University, Japan), ‘Space tourism and sustainable development (Steven Fawkes); ‘Selling the dream’ (Jonathan Levy) and ‘A new space vision for Europe’ (David Ashford).

These will discuss how European growth rate and unemployment can be improved by an active space tourism programme, how sustainable development actually needs space tourism, capturing sufficient space tourists to build robust and sustainable businesses, and how Europe could lead a space tourism-based transformation of space flight, leading to a new age of space science and exploration.

The conference is on Wednesday 29 November between 0930 and 1700. Journalists wishing to attend should contact Suszann Parry or Mary McGivern of the British Interplanetary Society on 020 7735 3160.