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2015 winners of the RAS awards, medals and prizes

Last Updated on Friday, 09 January 2015 16:13
Published on Friday, 09 January 2015 16:05

The Royal Astronomical Society is pleased to announce the 2015 winners of its awards, medals and prizes. Each year the RAS recognises significant achievement in the fields of astronomy and geophysics through these awards.

sgoldfrontThe Gold Medal of the RASThe announcements were made at the Ordinary Meeting of the society held on Friday 9 January 2015. The winners will be invited to collect their awards at the Society's 2015 National Astronomy Meeting in July.

The Society's highest honour is its Gold Medal, which can be awarded for any reason but usually recognises lifetime achievement. pdfPast winners include Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Arthur Eddington and Stephen Hawking. It was first awarded in 1824; since 1964 two have been awarded each year: one for astronomy, and one for geophysics.

Michel MayorProf. Michel Mayor, winner of the Gold Medal for astronomyThe winner of the Gold Medal in astronomy is Prof. Michel Mayor, for his discoveries of planets orbiting other stars, and the development of instrumentation designed to find them (full citation).

Mike LockwoodProf. Mike Lockwood, winner of the Gold Medal for geophysicsThe winner of the Gold Medal in geophysics is Prof. Mike Lockwood, for his work on the Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere, the magnetic field of the Sun, and their influence on the terrestrial climate (full citation).

The Society also awards a number of other medals and prizes; the winners are listed below.

Professor Martin Barstow, President of the Royal Astronomical Society, offered his congratulations: "There are many exceptionally talented women and men working in astronomy and geophysics, here in the UK and across the world. Our medals and awards honour those who have made an outstanding contribution to these sciences. As President of the RAS, it gives me enormous pleasure to congratulate this year's winners and to wish them continued success in all that they do."

For more information on the awards and the achievements of the winners, follow the links or see our full press release.


List of winners

Awards are designated 'A' for astronomy (including astrophysics, cosmology etc.) and 'G' for geophysics (including solar physics, planetary science, solar-terrestrial physics etc.). Some awards are given in both fields.


Awards, medals and prizes:

Gold Medal
Prof. Michel Mayor (A)
Prof. Mike Lockwood (G)
Eddington Medal (A)
Prof. Rashid Sunyaev
Price Medal (G)
Prof. John Brodholt
Herschel Medal (A)
Prof. Stephen Eales
Jackson-Gwilt Medal (A)
Dr Allan Chapman
Chapman Medal (G)
Prof. Alan Hood
Fowler Prize
Dr Haley Gomez (A)
Dr Catherine Rychert (G)
Winton Capital Award
Dr Michal Michalowski (A)
Dr Richard Morton (G)
Group Achievement Award
The e-MERLIN team (A)
The Hinode Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer team (G)
RAS Service Award
Prof. Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi
Patrick Moore Medal
Sarah Llewellyn-Davies
Honorary Fellowship of the RAS
Prof. Fiona Harrison
Dr Janet Luhmann
Dr Alan Stern
Dr Asahiko Taira

'Named' lectures to be delivered at a meeting of the Society:

George Darwin Lecture (A)
Prof. Katherine Blundell
Harold Jeffreys Lecture (G)
Prof. Anthony Watts
James Dungey Lecture (G)
Dr Helen Mason