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Sun|trek : Here Comes the Sun


Helen Mason, FRAS, has been awarded an STFC Public Engagement Fellowship.

 helen mason

Helen's project will capitalise on her diverse range of current activities to develop a lasting legacy of her work with schools (the Sun, space (Tim Peake) and art).

The main objective is to inspire students to engage with science activities, with a view to exciting their scientific curiosity through cross-curricular activities (science/art) and fostering a long lasting interest in science.

Several professional artists are involved with the project.

A set of five focussed resources about the Sun will be developed and delivered.

These will be hosted on the Sun|trek website and promoted widely in the education sector (KS2/K3).

'I am thrilled and excited about this new STFC project, and eager to continue working with UK schools to inspire future scientists'.

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