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November Meeting

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 May 2010 20:43
Published on Wednesday, 10 November 2004 00:00
12th November 2004
Specialist Discussion Meetings
Monthly A&G (Ordinary) Meeting


Specialist Discussion Meetings

(10:30-15:30 - Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House)
SD2 : Astroparticle Physics and the Search for Dark Matter
(10:30-15:30 - Society of Antiquaries Lecture Theatre, Burlington House)

Monthly A&G (Ordinary) Meeting
(16:00 - 18:00 - Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House)

Prof. Jay Pasachoff (Williams, Mass.) -

The Transit of Venus and the Black-Drop Mystery

Dr Richard McMahon (IoA) -

The star formation rate of the Universe at redshift 6 Recent results from the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field and GOODs surveys on the number density of UV-luminous, star-forming galaxies at z=6, and the star-formation rate of the Universe at z=6, are discussed.

Prof. James Jackson (Cambridge) -

The support of mountains and the survival of continental cratons
(The 2004 Harold Jeffreys Lecture) Over the last few years several new types of observation have seriously challenged conventional views of the continental lithosphere (or plate). We are now in a situation in which we can start to connect large-scale geophysical observations, such as seismic velocity structure, earthquake distributions and gravity anomalies with completely different types of information from petrology, geochemistry, tectonics and rock mechanics.