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Last Updated on Thursday, 10 November 2005 17:32
Published on Thursday, 10 November 2005 00:00

Have you thought of registering as an 'expert' with 'AlphaGalileo' ?

AlphaGalileo is a European news service, supported by the RAS. It is a fast and effective way to get news about the research activities of RAS members to journalists around the world. It  provides instant access to news, images, background information and a database of experts. 

You can nominate yourself as an expert for the media.If eligible, your details are added to a database which is accessed only by registered journalists. Please note that the AlphaGalileo team checks every expert registration. Usually applicants are contacted within one working day about their application.  Experts must be bona-fide researchers, and qualified to at least PhD level.

Contributors can also access the full range of non-embargoed content online and/or via e-mail alerts.

If you are interested please visit the AlphaGalileo web site