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Astronomy in the UK


A review of British astronomy and space science (available here as downloadable pdf files); the sister publication to Geophysics in the UK, which reviews geophysics and planetary science. Fellows and Friends may obtain printed copies from the Executive Secretary at Burlington House.

All files
(zipped and compressed; 2.7Mb)

Front cover (p. 1, 208kb)
Foreword; Contents (pp. 2-3, 136kb)
Astronomy today (overview; pp. 4-5, 110kb)
The electromagnetic universe (techniques; pp. 6-7, 121kb)
The grand design (the universe in brief; pp. 8-9, 173kb)
The big bang (how the universe began; pp. 10-11, 229kb)
Current challenges (the tricky questions; pp. 12-13, 101kb)
New light on the universe (telescopes; pp. 14-15, 107kb)
The Sun, our star (solar astronomy; pp. 16-17, 138kb)
The radio universe (radio astronomy; pp. 18-19, 211kb)
The cold universe (infrared and millimetre astronomy; pp. 20-21, 113kb)
The hot universe (ultraviolet and X-ray astronomy; pp. 22-23, 188kb)
The very hot universe (gamma-ray astronomy; pp. 24-25, 179kb)
New approaches to astronomy (particle astrophysics; pp. 26-27, 121kb)
Theoretical astrophysics (theory and computation; pp. 28-29, 243kb)
People, places and money (the community and its resources; pp. 30-33, 175kb)
Careering ahead (careers in astronomy; pp. 34-35, 60kb)
The Royal Astronomical Society (the role of the RAS; pp. 36-37, 185kb)
Glossary (pp. 38-39, 174kb)
Back cover (p. 40, 138kb)