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Astronomy Forum

The Astronomy Forum is an independent, authoritative group drawn from the community to discuss issues and, as appropriate, present its views to STFC, BIS and other bodies. Forum members are drawn from professors at UK universities and try to represent the views of all astronomers in their respective institutions.

The Forum complements the activities of the RAS, who arrange and host the meetings, but is independent of the Society. It largely replaces the former Standing Conference of Astronomy Professors.

Meetings are held under a variant of the Chatham House Rule, whereby those giving presentations are identified, but those asking questions are not. This is to encourage a frank exchange of views. The RAS also facillitates equivalent Geophysics Forums.

The inaugural meeting of the Astronomy Forum was held at the RAS on 21 January 2009. Meetings are scheduled irregularly as issues arise, usually once or twice a year.

Speakers are encouraged, but not required, to make their presentations available online after the meeting. Notes and presentations for recent meetings are available on this page.



Astronomy Forum, February 2013

This meeting of the Astronomy Forum was held on 12 Feburary 2013.