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ras_roundal_bwThe RAS exists to advance, and to record the history of, our understanding of the Earth, the solar system, the galaxies and the nature of the universe. It does this by promoting Astronomy and Geophysics, interdisciplinary sciences that encompass, and further, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, engineering, computer science and history to answer deep questions about the origin and fate of the cosmos, and man’s place in it. Through this the Society contributes to the growth and dissemination of knowledge and thereby fulfils its charitable object of serving the public interest. It does this through its own events and programmes and also  by contributing to the formulation of public policy which affect how its sciences are funded and organised. In particular, the Society is concerned about teaching and learning in schools and universities; the training and careers of researchers; the communication of authoritative information to government and to the public;  and, above all, it is anxious to maintain the UK at the forefront of global scholarship in the fields for which it is responsible